Renting a house or apartment in Groningen

Groningen is a fantastic city with great facilities. It is no coincidence that Groningen was voted the best student city in the Netherlands in 2017! You have undoubtedly noticed that it is difficult to find a rental home in Groningen. The demand for rental housing is simply greater than the supply.

Perhaps you have already registered with various websites where you have to pay monthly to receive the offer, often without result? Or do you always respond to a rental property, but is someone else always ahead of you? Please contact Househunting Groningen. 

Househunting is a national rental organization with 18 branches in the Netherlands and this number is still growing.
You can find our rental properties not only on but also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In addition, we place our offer on many other websites such as, and

Registration is easy on our website. We charge a one-time fee of € 35 for processing the registration. You can easily make the payment via Ideal. With successful mediation you do not pay any mediation costs.
Is there currently no suitable rental property available on our website? Then let us help you find a house from another company.

With a rental contract, we actively search for a rental property for you. This saves you a lot of time and effort. We make the appointment with the rental agent and accompany you during the visit. We advise you on such matters as the rent, maintenance and rental conditions. We do this on a no cure no pay basis. Do you find a rental property elsewhere and do you want to withdraw the hire contract? No problem, you can terminate the assignment at any time for free. You only pay a fee for successful mediation.

Because of knowledge of the local market, our extensive network and a good relationship with other rental agencies, there is a good chance that we can find the home you are looking for. We go for maximum customer satisfaction, after all you are our best ambassador!
Are you interested?

Please contact us for making an appointment, we are happy to be of service.

Huub Bleeeker

HouseHunting Groningen

Tel: 06 - 21 25 64 52